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  1. Back in March I wrote on this blog about being chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of his
    Small Business Sunday winners. An event is held for all winners and in November I attended this
    event. I think there was about 500 other winners at this event. The #SBS event was held in
    Birmingham which is where I attended university. In fact the event was held at the ICC which is
    where my graduation was held so the journey was like a trip down memory lane as I've only
    been back to Birmingham once or twice since leaving University.

    new st stationICC

    The first few hours were dedicated to networking. I have to admit this is not my forte. It is something
    I find daunting but I completely understand I need to overcome this. I am extremely proud of
    mrs L cards so I just need to have the confidence to express this when I talk to others.

    sbs entrancenetworking

    Next Theo was welcomed on stage. He gave a great, down to earth talk about business. Theo
    was funny, encouraging and very honest. A Q&A session followed where over an hour was
    dedicated to questions from fellow winners. So much of what Theo said resonated with me.
    My favourite quote of his was "If you can make a living with something you are passionate about,
    life doesn't get better than that".

    sbs platformtheo on stage


    The finale of the day was when we all had our photos taken with our award certificate alongside 
    Theo. Que big cheesy smile!