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  1. Once again so much time has passed between this and my last blog post! I have been kept very busy
    withorders (especially the personalised ones) but I am getting a bit more free time to enjoy weekends
    which means 
    alot during the summer. (I am an outdoors person if the sun is out).

    Usually during the summer my husband and I like to go camping, sometimes due to weather we only get
    to go once a year and so far this year we haven't been yet! We planned to go this weekend but it seems
    so did everyone else! We had found a campsite in North Yorkshire that we wanted to stay at but alas it was 

    fully booked when we called on saturday morning. So instead we decided to just have a day trip to Richmond,
    North Yorkshire.

    Richmond is only about an hour away from were I live and I have wanted to go there for quite some time.
    We weren't dissappointed, even if we only got a small glimmer of the sun.

    We had already planned to do a little walk around the river so printed out the "Drummer Boy Walk".

    drummer boy wak

    It is a very picturesque walk!


    walk 2drummer boy stone

    After our walk we stopped off at this lovely coffee shop.

    frenchgate 29


    And I pigged out Ham and Wensleydale sandwiches followed by Yorkshire cake and Yorkshire tea!


    Then we had a bit of a mooch around the rest of the village.

    carol in richmond

    We also found a fab deli so the next morning we enjoyed our newly purchased black pudding bread
    with poached eggs - yum!

    black pudding bread